Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking Flight in Crow

If you are just getting to know me, one of the things that I love is hot yoga! I've been practicing for a little over a year now. I started in an effort to define something for myself. I found myself in a world that was so focused on others that I felt like I was forgetting myself and just going, going, going. I forced myself to stop, take a deep breath, get over my Mommy guilt and just do something that was purely for me.

And what was the result? I am a happier person, and I believe that I'm a healthier person for those around me as well. Personally, yoga helps me to centre myself, focus, and be mindful of what I put out in the world.

So what does all of that bring me to? The other morning I found my centre of balance and was determinately able to hold Bakasana or crow pose!

I was still crow it when the teacher cued to shoot back into downward dog. I just held on until I couldn't anymore and then laughed. I'd finally gotten out of my head and just was in the moment.

Which brings me back to making jewellery. As I said before I'm taking Indie Biz 3.0 and it's awesome, but it can be overwhelming in the magnitude of work that is involved; especially for those/most of us who have a full-time job on-top of a start-up/part-time business and family. So my take away this week is that if I allow myself to stop, breathe, and be in the moment it's all achievable!

Next up... side crow

... and who knows what! ;)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cannonball !

Here goes! My first blog post. Can I say that this is a little intimidating? ...just a smidgen. What prompted this you may ask? The need to make a change. So I'm not slowly walking into the lake for the first swim of the year, I'm doing a cannonball right in!

I started Pink Pepper about three years ago out of the simple joy that I get from making jewellery. It started with wire work and has moved onto chainmaille, crochet and semi precious work. If I think it looks interesting I'll try it!
 (some of my first chainmaille work)

Pink Pepper really blossomed into a business because I would wear what I had made and people would ask where I bought it. I would shyly say that I made it.

What was the greatest part about all of this you might ask? I could make anything I wanted and put it out there!  I also started to receive more custom orders with just themes/colour requests. As an artist I felt liberated to just create. I remembered what it was like to create for the simple sake of making something that you love. 

(The Scenic Route Necklace)
Moving onto a few years later and some sales under my belt, I'm looking to expand my business and learn more about making this more than part-time. So in comes Indie Biz 3.0!  I'm taking an online business course with an amazing group of like-minded artists of all disciplines. It inspires me daily. :)

What does all of this amount to? I'm working hard to create a sustainable, creative and successful business with an open heart and a positive mind. I hope that you can join me and follow along with my journey.

- Christy